Facebook Biggest Scandal : How safe is your data

Facebook Biggest Scandal : How safe is your data

Facebook has more than 2 billion monthly users. It is undoubtedly the biggest online platform nowadays converting the whole world into a global village. However Facebook is never far away from different controversies and facebook scandal. On the one hand there are believers who claim that facebook is a chief factor in splitting families, growing crime rate and increasing violence among the youth. But we can not deny the vast possibilities which is open to us through this online ground.

Facebook Biggest Scandal : How safe is your data

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Facebook scandal

Lately facebook has been in news for another new controversy, which is the data breach. This week it emerged that 50 million facebook users have had private information harvested by British data analysis firm Cambridge Analytica. This controversy has wiped tens of billions from the Facebook’s share price and forced founder Mark Zuckerberg to finally comment on the growing crisis.Zucerberg admitted that there have been a breach of trust between facebook and the people who share data . He also apologized to the firm in different newspapers and assured the users that it will never happen again in future.

How safe is your data

After this controversy many people and growing firms have been deleting their facebook page for security purposes. Elon Musk too have deleted his facebook page. So now the question remains the same that how safe is your data on facebook. Here is the answer to that. There are several advertisements that get access to your account without your knowledge. They are mainly responsible for the data breach. Thankfully there are several ways through which you can secure your data online.

Facebook Biggest Scandal : How safe is your data

Remove or change app privacy to secure that you are sharing data to only your friends and family.

Remove facebook owned apps from your smartphone so your internal data is not accessible from anywhere.

The most easy way will be logging out from facebook but it is very difficult for many of us. So  if you don’t desire o log out of your Facebook, then after every session during the day, you can use third-party tracker blockers. These blockers uses an algorithm to “learn” which social or ad networks are tracking you over time and blocks them.

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