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Surprising Habits That Are Damaging Your Hair Everyday

Hair fall and the other drawback associated with one’s precious locks is that the most grievous issue that we’ve to witness each day. it’s terribly unhappy to examine our luscious mane obtaining broken with every passing day.

But, whereas most people handily blame the weather, water, trying life-style and varied alternative things for the harm our hair suffer, it’s really we tend to ourselves WHO area unit to be blamed! shocking, right? Well, we tend to do several such things each day, that cause severe hair loss and breakage. does one grasp what they are? Check them out.




1. Touching our hair too typically

This is one issue we tend to area unit all guilty of doing. we tend to love our hair, so we tend to love wiggling with all the time. most that we would find yourself damaging them. Our fingers bit lots of things throughout the day, and therefore get dirty and dirty simply. Touching your hair too typically will cause hair breakage, and it conjointly makes the hair too greasy.

2. propulsion wet hair back

Tying your hair once it’s wet is like committing against the law against your precious locks. Our hair is most vulnerable to harm once they area unit wet. they’ll even break simply at this time of your time. propulsion your hair tightly would possibly cause a lot of hair loss than expected. Let your hair dry within the air for a few time before ligature it in a very loose knot or hair style.

3. Towel drying hair once laundry them

It is one in all the foremost shocking ways in which within which our mane will get broken. Since time out of mind, we’ve been drying our hair feverishly with a towel, as shortly as we tend to get out of the shower. But, feels like this can be a wrong apply. Violently rubbing your wet hair with a towel ends up in excessive hair breakage and hair fall. One must always dry their hair with a cotton towel or a soft shirt.

4. Blow-drying very wet hair

If you begin drying your soaking wet hair, it’d take a protracted time for hair to dry. you may ought to provide excess heat to the hair, that we all know causes lots of injury to that. If your hair isn’t dry before you begin with the hair drier, there area unit a lot of probabilities of your hair obtaining broken. confirm your hair is a minimum of 50-60 per cent dry before you begin blow-drying it.

5. Our makeup moving into our hair strands

This can be the case if you utilize an excessive amount of oil-based makeup, as an example foundations and concealers. The makeup might spread to your roots, and damage the hair from within. To avoid this kind of an unexpected hair damage, you should try using powder-based makeup products.

6. Detangling the hair from root to tip

When you try to detangle your hair from the roots, you make it prone to breakage. Irrespective of whether the hair is dry or wet, pulling at the tangled knots from the roots will only lead to damage. So, to avoid it, start brushing your hair from the lower sections. Always use a wide-toothed comb or a detangler to do so. Start from the lower sections, and gently move upwards to avoid unnecessary hair loss.

7. Carrying our bag on our shoulder with open hair

It is not rocket science to understand how this works. When you carry your bag on your shoulder while keeping your locks open, they might get caught in the straps of the bag and as a result, break. This simple habit may be wrecking your hair without you even realising it. If this goes on for a prolonged period, this might also lead to thinning of the hair. To avoid this, you should keep your hair tied if you are going to carry your bag on your shoulders.

8. Tying our hair too tightly

Topknots and high ponytails are always in vogue and look super chic. But, making such hairstyles over a long period of time continuously can harm the hair in the long run. It will weaken the hair cuticles, and thus lead to breakage. Try alternating your hairstyles every day. So if you are in the topknot mood one day, go with a loose side-braid on the next day to compensate.

Our hair is the most prized and precious possessions and we want to keep them healthy and shiny by hook or by crook. So, now onwards, apart from spending your time and money on expensive hair-products and therapies, do make sure that you are not making any of these outrageous blunders, which might harm your beautiful mane.

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