Friday, December 15

A German woman Is Recreating the Chak De! Asian Nation Dream Team with Youngsters in Rural Rajasthan

Andrea Thumshirn, a German Premier League participant came to India as a tour operator. however the visit modified her life once she not solely visited a foreign village in Rajasthan however determined to remain there and teach hockey to rural youngsters.

Andrea had been taking part in the game ever since she was six. once she suffered associate degree injury she had to quit taking part in skilled hockey. thus she started work youngsters within the sport in Federal Republic of Germany. She brought a similar passion and love of the sport to India once she took on the task of coaching youngsters in Garh Himmat Singh village in Rajasthan.

When you visit a distant village in Rajasthan, school-going ladies and boys enjoying hockey like champions is that the very last thing you may expect to ascertain. Andrea created it doable in spite of facing many challenges.

“I came here in 2009. My business partner belonged to this village and hence he organised the entire stay. I was so hooked that when I went back to Germany I kept thinking about the village,” she recalls.

Andrea came in 2010 with a number of hockey sticks and began coaching children in hockey once faculty. “I thought they waste most of their time anyway, therefore it’ll be smart to interact them in one thing productive,” she says.

It has been over four years and Andrea has ne’er looked back. She shifted to Rajasthan for good and began living with a neighborhood family. She conjointly formally registered her foundation as Hockey Village Asian country. it had been all going well as a result of she had smart support from a neighborhood man UN agency treated her like his own sister. He would introduce her to the villagers and facilitate her get beside the locals.

But once Andrea distinguished that her ‘brother’ was misusing the funds of the muse, she confronted him and that they later on compound ways in which. Not able to settle for this humiliation, the person started spreading rumours regarding Andrea and turned the villagers against her — they stopped causing their youngsters to her for hockey coaching. This reversal wasn’t the sole challenge that Andrea round-faced. obtaining the youngsters to point out informed the bottom, keeping them impelled and teaching them the correct techniques (as several had ne’er even seen a sports implement before) was an enormous task.

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